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Hartman Picks Up 2K Pay Day!

By: Tanner Hollis, SEAFORD, DE- Fans and drivers flocked to the revamped quarter mile in Seaford, Delaware this past Saturday evening. Middleford Speedway held one of their biggest races to date. The marquee event of the evening was the 600 Wingless Micro Sprints 25 Lap feature. The payout was over $1,500 to win, with twenty dollars given to the leader of each lap. Richie Hartman, who is the current points leader of the eastern wingless 600 sprint series, invaded the area and put on a clinic during the 25 lap main event.

The twenty five lap feature went green and Hartman led the field to the green flag. On lap number five, the caution flag was displayed for the first time as Matt Phfaner took a spin. Hartman led the field back to the green flag. Richie Keller had a great restart as he moved his car into the second spot. Hartman was already racking up the twenty dollar lap bonuses in the feature.

Lap number seven saw Dallas Damask and Daniel Dickerson bring out the second caution of the event. Hartman led his fellow competitors back to the green. The battle for second was heating up between hard charger Luke Thomas and second place car Nick Sapp. Thomas moved his 97 machine into the second spot at the halfway mark of the race.

Lap sixteen saw the third caution of the feature, with Dickerson bringing it out for the second time. With under eight to go in the race, once again the 39 machine driven by Hartman had a great restart. Fans were keeping their eyes on that second place battle, again between Sapp and Thomas.

As Hartman was coming out of turn three to be given the white flag next time around, he had to do a split second move to avoid crashing into a lapped car that spun around in front of him. That final caution of the evening, set up a Green, White and Checkered finish. Field single file in the restart zone, Hartman back on the gas, putting some distance between him and Luke Thomas. Richie Hartman drove off and parked his 39 machine into victory lane.

Hartman climbed out of the car and told fans in his post-race interview that he will be celebrating this win at the beach.

In the mod-lite division James Hill jumped from third to first to lead lap number one of the 20 lap feature. Caution flag was flown for Josh Clark who was running fourth. Pole sitter Dylan Evans had a great restart as he started to put pressure on Hill. Doing double duty in the micro sprints race and the Mod-Lites was driver Jimmy Wills. He moved his car into the second spot. Fans around the speedway were watching Brandon Sturgis move up in the top four after starting seventh .

Caution flag was waved for TJ Williams; however, during the caution, after riding in the top five most of the race, Dylan Evans pulled his car into the pits after having a tire go down. On the restart side by side battle between two of the best in Mod- Lites, Wills and Hill. Brandon Sturgis was starting to put pressure on Wills.

Once again the caution flag was displayed for Tim White who was turned around by Josh Clark. Clark was sent to the rear after making contact with White. Everyone in attendance was impressed by Abby Tatman who was riding in the fifth spot, in which was her first mod lite race.

With under ten laps to go fans were witnessing three wide action for the third spot on the restart. Tim white was moving his car into the third spot with five laps to go. However, nobody could catch up with leader James Hill. With an almost straight away lead, Hill wins the mod lite feature for the second time at Middleford Speedway.

There was a lot of anticipation among fans for the twenty lap Super Truck feature, after some intense heat racing earlier in the evening. On lap number one, Andrew Lewandowski, who drew the pole position for the feature, spun out on lap number one and collected Zack Phillps. Lewandowski had a sustainable amount of damage - first truck done for the evening. On the restart David Smith jumps to second on lap number, trying to chase down leader Ryan Efford. Meanwhile, Chris Martinez and Phillips were producing great racing, with side by side action for the third spot.

Five trucks were bumper to bumper trying to take over the second spot. Smith battles Efford for the top spot with halfway being displayed. Nate Benson, who started seventh, was riding in the third position.

Caution comes out for Mattie Long on lap twelve. David Smith had a great restart and took the lead. Benson gets around Efford to take the second spot with two laps to go . David Smith would go on and put his truck in victory lane.

Rounding out the evening for Middleford Speedway was the twenty lap Delmarva Chargers’ feature race. Geoff Carey leads the field to the green flag . Jay Lowman had his machine very fast in the feature, in which he would take control of the lead on lap number two. Hometown favorite Chris “Tippy” Martinez was moving his way through the field, managing to put the 37 machine into second. Joey Waters who started second was starting to fall back a little. Back up front Lowman still had a half of a straightway lead coming down to five to go. Greenwood , DE, driver Chris Carrol was hard charging through the field when he took over the fourth spot with three to go. Carrol started eighth in the feature. Leader Jay Lowman would go on and cruise his way to win the twenty lap feature event.


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