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Paul Mitchell, patriarch of the Mitchell Family, first got into auto racing in the 1960’s. Racing
quickly became his passion. It wasn’t long before he and his wife, Barbara, would be loading
up their four children, Greg, Guy, Beverly, and Bonnie into the family car on a weekly basis to
watch Paul race at many of the local dirt tracks. That was the start of what would be a life long
passion for the sport of auto racing for the Mitchell’s, especially for their oldest son Greg.
Through the years Greg Mitchell has become a fixture at many of the area race tracks. He was
a well known car owner for many drivers over the years including Hal Browning, a local racing
legend. Greg and his brother Guy were also highly respected race car fabricators, with many
of their builds still in competition today. In addition to being a car owner, and talented
fabricator, Greg is also a well know series promoter in the area, with the Little Lincolns,
Delmarva Chargers and Delaware Super Trucks.

In 2017, Greg, was able to add to his resume in the racing world, as Track Owner with the
purchase of the Historic Middleford Speedway. Over the years Middleford Speedway has
operated under several promoters featuring many different styles of racing, from Micro Sprits,
to Motocross. In fact when purchased in 2017, the 1/4 mile oval, which had existed for years,
had been taken completely over by the Motocross Track and was completely gone, while
operating under the name of Speed Citi Motorsports Park.

Mitchell’s passion for oval track racing drove him to bring Middleford Speedway back to what it
once was, including the name of the facility. For years Greg worked tirelessly to bring
Middleford Speedway back to life. In 2020 the 1/4 mile oval was complete, and on October 10,
2020, the Middleford Speedway, which had sat dark for so many years roared to life with Greg
Mitchell at the helm. The event titled “The Inaugural Fall Classic” was an overwhelming

Unfortunately, the family patriarch passed away prior to the reopening in 2020, but will be
remembered each year at the Season Opener, The Paul Mitchell Memorial.

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